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Our Family

When our children left home we realized we had a big hole in our life that only a dog (or two !) could fill. We wanted a medium sized dog that acted like a big dog, and our search led us to Standard Schnauzers. After researching several breeders, we reached out to Connie Adel of Charisma Standard Schnauzers, and in 2008 we brought Lana home. Lana was a great introduction to the breed, and we enjoyed getting into conformation, rally and obedience. A year later, we had an opportunity to add a dog to our family, and in May of 2009 we brought Finn home.


Lana and Finn have brought not just joy to our lives, but with the training classes, shows and functions within the schnauzer club, they have given us the opportunity to meet new people and make lifelong friends. I am currently serving on the National Board for SSCA. I was President of the Northern California Standard Schnauzer Club for 3 years. I have been active on the Board for 8 years. I groom, train and show my own dogs. I have attended multiple breeding seminars and have specific goals when planning my breedings. Temperament and health are always my first considerations.

Our goal in establishing Hanlon Kennels is to incorporate the standards and practices of the SSCA & the breeders we have had the pleasure to learn from. We want to breed healthy good tempered dogs. We intend to produce quality show dogs and lovable pets. 

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